Your full name?

Natasha Merissa

Where are you from?

Malaysia bby.

How tall are you and how much do you weight?

5’4 and 50 kg.

Are you single?


Did it hurt when you get your tongue pierced?


How old are you?

18 with an old soul

Do you always follow back?

No. I only follow back blogs that i like. :)

When did you start this blog?

July 2010.

How do you get the users online counter?


When is your birthday?

15 July 1995

How do you make a faq page?

Customize> pages> add page

What do you use to edit your pictures?

Photoscape. Go and download it. It’s free.

Do you have any other blogs?

Yes. I do. My food blog/blog shop/bong shop




Your religion?

Proud Muslim.

Some random things that you like?

Marijuana, diamonds, body paint, dance, hair/makeup, teal green, lingerie, gem stones & etc.

Smoker? Drinker?

yes. not anymore.

-Any other questions, feel free to ask via ask box :3


-Any photos posted here are not mine unless stated otherwise